Greatest Diamond Warranty


Greatest Diamond Warranty


The Greatest Diamond Warranty on the Planet Earth!!

We cover your center diamond too. Even if you lose it!

No other jeweler in Oklahoma does this.

And our Unlimited Diamond Warranty is FREE!


Lifetime Diamond Upgrade


Lifetime Diamond Upgrade

You can upgrade the size, color or clarity of any diamond you’ve purchased from Mitchener Farrand at any time in the future, and you’ll get 100% of its value toward your new diamond. You can even trade-in for another piece of jewelry in the store!

Freeborn Created Diamond

Every Freeborn Created Diamond sparkles like a mini-galaxy of LIGHT!

Mitchener-Farrand’s Exclusive Freeborn Created Diamonds are:

  • 100% Diamond, not synthetic
  • You get MORE diamond for your money!

Discover The Freeborn Created Diamond!

Created Diamonds are 100% Diamond

Ice made in your freezer is still ice, right? It’s the same with diamonds.

Diamonds have always come from below the earth...

until some of them came from above.

Created in the FLASH of a powerful electrical surge inside a plasma chamber, then cut to perfection...It takes a highly skilled scientist to properly grow a diamond. It doesn’t work every time.

If you compare one of our Freeborn Created Diamonds to one of our geological diamonds of the same price, you will see two beautiful stones, but the created diamond will be larger than the geological diamond!

Which means YOU get...

MORE Diamond For Your Money

Freeborn Created Diamonds are born with a more ideal shape than geological diamond crystals pulled from the ground, so less diamond material needs to be shaved off when cutting the perfect Freeborn Created Diamond.

That’s why you can afford to give her a bigger diamond with the exact same budget!

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