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Greatest Diamond Warranty


The Greatest Diamond Warranty on the Planet Earth!!

We cover your center diamond too. Even if you lose it!

No other jeweler in Oklahoma does this.

And our Unlimited Diamond Warranty is FREE!

Lifetime Diamond Upgrade

You can upgrade the size, color or clarity of any diamond you’ve purchased from Mitchener Farrand at any time in the future, and you’ll get 100% of its value toward your new diamond. You can even trade-in for another piece of jewelry in the store!

We ARE Oklahoma's Greatest Diamond Store

We ARE Oklahoma's Greatest Diamond Store.

We're the only jewelry store in Oklahoma that covers your diamonds for life, including your CENTER diamond, even if you lose it!

Our patented 81-facet ForeverAfter Diamond is one of the brightest Diamonds in the world.

We're at the forefront of innovation with our Freeborn Created Diamond, where you get more diamond for your money.

We believe in old fashioned customer service and expertise you cannot find anywhere else.

At Mitchener-Farrand Jewelers, we only buy and sell things that last.
We only MAKE things we know will last.
Because we know that is how things are supposed to be.

Meet DeAnn & Mark

From our days in the basement to when we opened on the street, our passion for what we do has only grown.

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