“Once Upon A Time”

As never before we offer you a selection of the jewelry gifts that bring the surprised smile, the unexpected laughter & delighted excitement that only the perfect gift can create.

Click to browse through famous jewelry names crafted into spectacular designs … pearls of every possible perfection, the entire color spectrum of gem stones, beautiful bridal selections, rings and watches … bangles and beads … an extraordinary collection … especially when it comes to that most significant stone of all … the diamond!

From a single loose diamond to the several carat emerald or princess cut – marquee or pear shape … our reputation as “The Diamond Guys” has been well earned. We will help you find the one perfect diamond piece from rings to earrings … from necklace to brooch.

We are still, and always, where you find one-on-one friendly service during an unhurried visit to find just the gift you’re looking for.  We need and appreciate your business and believe the best way to prove that is make sure you have selection, savings and service.