The ForeverAfter Diamond IS

96.3% brighter than any other diamond sold
A patented cut beauty with signature eight-point star
Our spin on the classic, round brilliant cut
81 facets instead of the common 57
Laser inscribed and certified with a detailed report

This extraordinary ForeverAfter SPARKLE starts with picking diamond crystals that outshine over 90% of all the rest.

Then we unleash the power of these crystals with our exclusive ForeverAfter CUT (our signature spin on the classic round brilliant cut.)

The result is shockingly beautiful: diamonds that twinkle and sparkle like they should.

“Sarine Technology, the industry leader in measuring diamond light performance, has rated our ForeverAfter diamonds 96.3% BRIGHTER than the rest of the world’s diamonds.”

“You just have to come see one, to believe it.” -Mark Mitchener, owner